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What exactly is the Ashram?

You can think of the Ashram kinda like your very own, personal NETFLIX for self-care yoga programs.

The difference is...

Instead of wasting time binging on tv shows and feeling like crap -

The Ashram is where you go to invest time in YOU:

In your physical health, mental health, and overall well-being.

It's like your online self-care getaway, designed especially to raise your vibe and make you feel good - every time you log in!

What's inside?

Inside the Ashram you'll find the our incredible YOGA BUNDLES:

A collection of feel-good, better-life yoga programs that will help you feel better and work on your growth in different areas of your life.

For example:

And so many more...


We add brand new bundles in every single month, so basically -

Your "better-me", feel-good library will keep growing and growing and growing... As you grow with it!

The Ashram is currently closed for new members...

And when people ask to buy our bundles - we sell them for about $37-$47 each.

But since you found this secret door, and already have a key to access our members site...

...We wanna give you a 30 day access to the entire Ashram... (and allllll of the programs inside) - 100% FREE!

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But you... Can access all of these programs right now... FOR FREE!

...We want to give you a 30 day access to the entire Ashram...

(and allllll of the programs inside) … 100% FREE!

Once your 30 days are up -

You can ask to cancel your account, OR you can simply do nothing, and keep your access to your brand new better-life library.

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Here's what you get

  • Full access to our super popular self-care yoga bundles
  • Bonus: The Pose Guide Library (Value: $97)
  • Bonus: The Yogi Toolbox (Value: $27)
  • 24/7 access from any device, anywhere in the world

Our iron-shield guarantee

If you'll ever want to cancel your Ashram membership, simply shoot us a quick email to, and we'll cancel your account immediately!

Have questions, or need help?

Check out the FAQ section above, or contact us at

See you inside!

- xx, Idan and Nataliya.